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Jakarta EE Platform Project

This is the project for the Jakarta EE Platform specification. The Jakarta EE Platform specification is the umbrella specification that defines the Jakarta EE platform. The platform specification doesn’t define the Jakarta EE APIs directly, but rather includes them by reference to other Jakarta specifications and defines how they all fit together in the overall Jakarta EE platform. The platform specification also defines other attributes of the platform such as security, deployment, transactions, and interoperability.

Be sure to view this page at, not at the GitHub source code repository README view, so that the links in this page will work correctly.

API Specifications and Javadocs

The Specifications page contains links to the project pages for all Jakarta EE specifications.

The API Javadocs for the Jakarta EE platform are collected together here:

Jakarta EE 9 (under development)

The Jakarta EE 9 page contains links to the documentation and processes required for a successful Jakarta EE 9 release.

Jakarta EE 8 (latest release)

Java EE 8 was approved by the Jakarta EE Specification Committee on Sep 10, 2019. The final specification is available for download on the Jakarta EE specification page.

Summary of the Community Retrospective on the Jakarta EE 8 Release.

Project Communication

You can track all the platform project communication by subscribing to the jakartaee-platform-dev mailing list. To subscribe, or to browse the archives, see the jakartaee-platform-dev page.

You can find the drafts of proposals and other working documents on the Documents page. (Currently this contains only historical Java EE proposals.)

Meeting minutes

The Platform Project holds regular meetings. The meeting minutes provides information on time, location, decisions, and frequency.

Compatibility Requirements

The rules we follow to ensure backwards compatibility when revising Jakarta EE specifications are described on the Compatibility Requirements page.

Publishing XML Schemas

Read How to Publish XML Schemas for instructions for how to publish XML Schemas to


The rules for version numbers of specification documents, API jar files, etc. are described on the Versioning page.

JCP Processes

The use of JCP processes by the Java EE group at Oracle is described on the JCP Processes page. (This page has not been updated to reflect the Jakarta EE Specification Process.)

Annotation Rules

Annotations are used heavily in the Jakarta EE programming model. It’s important that all Jakarta EE specifications define and use annotations in a consistent way. We’ve written up some DRAFT rules on how annotations work.

About “JEE”

For more about “JEE”, see this page.

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