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Jakarta EE Platform Call

General Date: 2019-10-15


  • Phillip Kruger
  • Ivar Grimstad
  • Martin Stefanko
  • Tanja Obradovic
  • Steve Millidge
  • Alessio Soldano
  • Ken Fogel
  • Kenji Kazumura
  • Ken Finnigan
  • Bill Shannon
  • Edwin Amoakwa
  • Carlos Andres De La Rosa
  • Gordon Hutchison
  • Ed Bratt

Establish Structure

Project leads:

  • David Blevins
  • Dmitry Kornilov
  • Ivar Grimstad
  • Kevin Sutter
  • Mark Little
  • Steve Millidge


  • Alasdair Nottingham
  • Bill Shannon
  • Jason T. Greene
  • Jayasheelan Kumar
  • Kenji Kazumura
  • Werner Keil
  • Jeff Genender

Six project leads feel a little overkill.


Assign two “Release Owners” for each platform release. One experienced (previous release) and one new.

  • Roll the responsibility among the project leads.
  • Part of the release planning is to decide if a spec is eligible for inclusion in the platform.
  • Plan review contains a list of candidate specs
  • Release review contains a list of included specs

Discussed the proposal with no objections other than updating it to be “two release owners”. We decided to discuss further on mailing lists to see if we can appoint the release owners.

Release Cadence

Should we establish a release train for the platform?


Establish a release train with a 6-month release cycle. The release contains the specs that are ready, or else the previous version is included.

Discussed the proposal. We decided that it is a good idea to start with Jakarta EE 9 and decide on the cadence for subsequent releases later as Jakarta EE 9 cannot be entirely date-driven due to the namespace change. A proposal is to start with a 12-month cycle and reduce later. Discuss this further in a GitHub Issue.

Project Management

How do we track the content and progress of a release?


Use GitHub Projects. One board per release with the stages in the spec process as columns.

The proposal was accepted.

Roadmap Discussion

How do we proceed?


Use the proposal from Bill Shannon as the basis. Modify as per input from the mailing list. Extract concrete actions as GitHub issues for tracking.

Discussed some of the items in the proposal. Decided that the version with namespace change is a new MAJOR version.

Discussed JDK 11. Some opponents of requiring 11 to minimize the “hurdle” of upgrading. Maybe the namespace change is enough for this release. Decided to create an issue and discuss further there.


The Jakarta EE Tutorial is owned by this project and is in this repo:

Everybody interested in keeping the tutorial up-to-date is encouraged to submit pull requests to help with this job.


  • Start Release owner choosing on the mailing list: Ivar
  • Create an issue for deciding release cadence. This meeting suggest 12 months: Carlos
  • Create an issue discussing JDK version: Ivar
  • Create a place on the Jakarta EE Platform Group Web page for minutes: Ivar

To get started with planning the release, we need to select release owners as soon as possible. Next is to define a meeting schedule for the project.

The Jakarta EE Slack can be used for quick discussions:

The Minutes will be put on the Jakarta EE Project web page:

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