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Jakarta EE Platform Call

Date: 2020-07-21


  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)
  • BJ Hargrave (IBM)
  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Paul Nicolucci (IBM)
  • Brian Stansberry (Red Hat)
  • Scott Stark (Red Hat)
  • Nitin Dahyabhai (Eclipse WTP)
  • Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • Jonathan Gallimore (Tomitribe)
  • Alessio Soldano (Red Hat)
  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)
  • Jason Mehrens (Individual)
  • Tanja Obradovic (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Andy McCright (IBM)
  • Werner Keil (Individual)
  • Kenji Kazumura (Fujitsu)
  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)


[SM] Needs of specifications to have milestone releases of GlassFish to certify against?

  • Minutes:
    • Nightly builds good enough for many cases,
    • BV and CDI (and others) need a version of GF that has the corresponding implementation updates integrated
    • Decided weekly releases of GlassFish ready Monday morning that can be referenced from the TCK docs. Keep a reasonable number of releases.

[SM] Question to the TCK team RE: GlassFish for prioritisation which specs of the TCK are passing, have a small number of failures, have large number of failures?

  • Minutes:
    • Ed Bratt will take action to follow-up with Scott Marlow.
    • Platform TCK Results:
      • Latest run (though only a sub-set) results are here:
    • Alwin is going to start a full run. He says check here (look for JUnit reports) in about 12 hours (about 9 PM PDT 7/21):

[SMS] Need some centralized tracking of updates to platform API

  • Minutes
    1. Is the platform project updated with the API? Same for Glassfish. (Checklist should be updated to include that as well.)
    2. Status of the TCK
      • Link to all the specifications’ PRs ( )
      • Scott Stark will mock up a page and then we can figure out where to house it and make it easy to update.

[Werner] Jakarta EE 9 Module Name Analysis

  • Minutes:
    • Werner went through the status
    • Discussed how we should handle the module names
    • Fix the broken ones? Ignore and ship as they are? Or fix them all?
    • Explicit automatic module names that are wrong (java.*) must be changed
    • Implicit automatic module names (no descriptor) ok for this release
    • Components can update if they want to, but ok to leave as is
    • Should be brought up to the Spec Committee for input
    • Werner will complete the spreadsheet for the next call

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