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Jakarta EE Platform Call

Date: 2021-01-12


  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Andy McCright (IBM)
  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)
  • Nitin Dahyabhai (Eclipse WTP)
  • Brian Stansberry (Red Hat)
  • David Blevins (Tomitribe)
  • Jean-Louis Monteiro (Tomitribe)
  • Nathan Erwin (Individual)
  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)
  • Scott Marlow (Red Hat)
  • Cesar Hernandez (Tomitribe)
  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)
  • Kenji Kazumura (Fujitsu)
  • Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • Thomas Watson (IBM)
  • Scott Stark (Red Hat)
  • Ryan Cuprak (Jakarta EE Ambassadors)
  • Tanja Obradovic (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Werner Keil (Individual)

Agenda and Minutes

[IG] Individual Specifications Plan Reviews

  • Deadline for potential inclusion in 9.1: January 31
  • None so far
  • Rumors that Jakarta REST will have a release
  • Others?
    • Activation - No API changes, only minor JavaDocs and “build stuff” -> will mail, jaxb, jaxrs need to update dependencies to the latest version?
    • Do we need a release review for a patch release (service release)? Check with the specification committee. Add this to the agenda for tomorrow’s (01/13/2021) meeting.
      • We want to be able to release bug fixes/errata releases without going through the entire process of releasing a specification version.

Jakarta EE 9.1

  • Proposed 9.1 Release Plan:
  • Discussed the ORB References section in Jakarta Enterprise Beans. Removing this section will require a minor release of this specification. Making it optional will also require an update.
  • Jakarta EE 9.1 TCK needs to allow execution with either Java SE 8 or Java SE 11.

Items below were not discussed

Jakarta EE 9.NEXT

  • [IG] Discussion topic: Profiles

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