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Jakarta EE Platform Call

Date: 2021-01-19


  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Werner Keil (Committer)
  • Cesar Hernandez (Tomitribe)
  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)
  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)
  • David Blevins (Tomitribe)
  • Jean-Louis Monteiro (Tomitribe)
  • Andy McCright (IBM)
  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)
  • Tom Watson (IBM)
  • Scott Marlow (Red Hat)
  • Jesse McConnell (Webtide)
  • Paul Nicolucci (IBM)
  • Scott Stark (Red Hat)
  • Brian Stansberry (Red Hat)
  • Emily Jiang (IBM)
  • Ryan Cuprak (Jakarta EE Ambassadors)
  • Steve Millidge (Payara)

Agenda and Minutes

[IG] False Compatibility Certification Request?

  • Action: Close with a comment (Ivar)

Jakarta EE 9.1

  • Changes needed in EFSP for service releases without spec committee ballot. Brought up to the Spec Committee mailing list. Work in progress.
  • Anyone with an Enterprise Beans implementation is recommended to join the discussions happening on the Enterprise Beans mailing list.
  • Some EE 9 implementations are including their own PortableRemoteObject for running on Java SE 11.
    • Defer making a decision on whether SPEC API should be added for PortableRemoteObject until EJB team gets more feedback from implementations.
    • Ask: Can all implementations:
      • Check to see if you ship your own copy of PortableRemoteObject.narrow
      • Is that jar separate from your ORB
      • Where did the source code come from for that?
        • Example:
      • Can you support EJB clients that use IIOP in Java 11 without requiring a PortableRemoteObject narrow call?

[WK] Possible usage of selected MP features either on an API or Implementation level and what those MP specs would have to do

  • See or page 3 of
  • Discussed topic briefly

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