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Jakarta EE Platform Call

Date: 2021-03-02


  • Emily Jiang (IBM)
  • Andy McCright (IBM)
  • Scott Marlow (Red Hat)
  • Kevin Sutter (IBM)
  • Jesse McConnell (Webtide)
  • Dmitry Kornilov (Oracle)
  • Ivar Grimstad (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Lukas Jungmann (Oracle)
  • Thomas Watson (IBM)
  • David Blevins (Tomitribe)
  • Scott Stark (Red Hat)
  • Jason Mehrens (Committer)
  • BJ Hargrave (IBM)
  • Steve Millidge (Payara)
  • Ed Bratt (Oracle)
  • Tanja Obradovic (Eclipse Foundation)
  • Kenji Kazumura (Fujitsu)
  • Werner Keil (Committer)

Agenda and Minutes (30 min call due to PMC at bottom of hour)

Jakarta EE 9.1

  • TCK and GF status
    • JDK 8 Full Platform still passes!
    • JDK 11 is getting more attention, some TCK issues + GF issues.
      • App client container failures, certificate failures.
      • GlassFish runs on JDK 11, passes its internal tests
      • TCK Test failures should be reported in the GF issue tracker
  • EJB test references to PortableRemoteObject#narrow?
    • Vote happening on EJB Dev mailing list
  • EJB test references to CORBA.ORB?
    • Eager vs lazy loading of references
    • Only (Corba) optional tests can still reference the CORBA.ORB class (to avoid CNFE on eager classloading JVMs).
  • Based on current status, it is likely that the release date will be pushed out to April

Release Lead for next release (EE 9.2 or 10)

  • Most likely should come from the Platform Project pool
  • Deferred to next call

Develop release roadmap for 2021 (versions, quarters)

  • Q1 goal of 2021 Program plan
  • Identify a lead for this effort
  • Deferred to next call

TCK Guidelines

  • Deferred to next call

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