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Project Specific JakartaEE TCK pipeline

Current CJE Jobs

Details about the current CJE jobs is available on the Jakarta EE TCK Wiki.

System Requirements.

  1. CJE instance specific for the project.
  2. BlueOcean plugin.
  3. Required access for creating a new pipeline.

Instructions for creating the pipeline

  1. Go to the project specific CI instance URL provided by Eclipse foundation team. For eg: JMS project CI instance is hosted here -
  2. Open the BlueOcean plugin and create a new pipeline. If you have configured the github key already, you should be able to select the Organization as eclipse-ee4j and for repository, you can select "jakartaee-tck"
  3. Once the pipeline is created, go to the master branch and click the build with parameters option. Provide the values for the following parameters.
    • GF_BUNDLE_URL - The custom build of GlassFish with the development version of the project artifacts integrated.
    • PROFILE - Select full/web profile. Default value is full and can be left as it is.
    • BUILD_TYPE - Whether to build and run JakartaEE TCK (CTS) bundle or the technology specific StandaloneTCK bundle (STANDALONE-TCK)
    • test_suites - This parameter is used only when BUILD_TYPE selected is CTS. This text field contains the space separated values of test suites within the JakartaEE TCK to run. By default all test suites are run.
    • standalone_tcks - This parameter is used only when the BUILD_TYPE is selected as STANDALONE_TCK.

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