Class ScheduledThreadPoolExecutorProvider

All Implemented Interfaces:
AutoCloseable, ExecutorServiceProvider, ScheduledExecutorServiceProvider

public class ScheduledThreadPoolExecutorProvider extends AbstractThreadPoolProvider<ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor> implements ScheduledExecutorServiceProvider
Default implementation of the Jersey scheduled executor service provider SPI.

This provider creates and provisions a shared ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor instance using the customizable core threads, backing thread factory and rejected task handler values. Subclasses may override the respective methods to customize the parameters of the provisioned scheduler.

When Jersey runtime no longer requires the use of a provided executor service instance, it invokes the provider's dispose(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService) method to signal the provider that the executor service instance can be disposed of. In this method, provider is free to implement the proper shut-down logic for the disposed executor service instance and perform other necessary cleanup. Yet, some providers may wish to implement a shared executor service strategy. In such case, it may not be desirable to shut down the released executor service in the dispose(java.util.concurrent.ExecutorService) method. Instead, to perform the eventual shut-down procedure, the provider may either rely on an explicit invocation of it's specific clean-up method. Since all Jersey providers operate in a container environment, a good clean-up strategy for a shared executor service provider implementation is to expose a @PreDestroy-annotated method that will be invoked for all instances managed by the container, before the container shuts down.

IMPORTANT: Please note that any pre-destroy methods may not be invoked for instances created outside of the container and later registered within the container. Pre-destroy methods are only guaranteed to be invoked for those instances that are created and managed by the container.

Marek Potociar