Annotation Interface Beta

Marker of a public Jersey API that is still in "beta" non-final version.

This annotation signals that the annotated public Jersey API (package, class, method or field) has not been fully stabilized yet. As such, the API is subject to backward-incompatible changes (or even removal) in a future Jersey release. Jersey development team does not make any guarantees to retain backward compatibility of a @Beta-annotated Jersey API.

This annotation does not indicate inferior quality or performance of the API, just informs that the API may still evolve in the future in a backward-incompatible ways. Jersey users may use beta APIs in their applications keeping in mind potential cost of extra work associated with an upgrade to a newer Jersey version.

Once a @Beta-annotated Jersey API reaches the desired maturity, the @Beta annotation will be removed from such API and the API will become part of a stable public Jersey API.

Marek Potociar