Class HttpUrlConnectorProvider

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public class HttpUrlConnectorProvider extends Object implements ConnectorProvider
Default Jersey client connector provider that provides connector instances which delegate HTTP requests to HttpURLConnection for processing.

The provided connector instances override default behaviour of the property ClientProperties.REQUEST_ENTITY_PROCESSING and use RequestEntityProcessing.BUFFERED request entity processing by default.

Due to a bug in the chunked transport coding support of HttpURLConnection that causes requests to fail unpredictably, this connector provider allows to configure the provided connector instances to use HttpURLConnection's fixed-length streaming mode as a workaround. This workaround can be enabled via useFixedLengthStreaming() method or via USE_FIXED_LENGTH_STREAMING Jersey client configuration property.

Marek Potociar
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      public static final String USE_FIXED_LENGTH_STREAMING
      If true, the HttpUrlConnector (if used) will assume the content length from the value of "Content-Length" request header (if present).

      When this property is enabled and the request has a valid non-zero content length value specified in its "Content-Length" request header, that this value will be used as an input to the HttpURLConnection.setFixedLengthStreamingMode(int) method call invoked on the underlying connection. This will also suppress the entity buffering in the @{code HttpURLConnection}, which is undesirable in certain scenarios, e.g. when streaming large entities.

      Note that the content length value defined in the request header must exactly match the real size of the entity. If the HttpHeaders.CONTENT_LENGTH header is explicitly specified in a request, this property will be ignored and the request entity will be still buffered by the underlying @{code HttpURLConnection} infrastructure.

      This property also overrides the behaviour enabled by the ClientProperties.CHUNKED_ENCODING_SIZE property. Chunked encoding will only be used, if the size is not specified in the header of the request.

      Note that this property only applies to client run-times that are configured to use the default HttpUrlConnector as the client connector. The property is ignored by other connectors.

      The default value is false.

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.client.httpUrlConnector.useFixedLengthStreaming".

      See Also:

      public static final String SET_METHOD_WORKAROUND
      A value of true declares that the client will try to set unsupported HTTP method to HttpURLConnection via reflection as a workaround for a missing HTTP method.

      NOTE: Enabling this property may cause security related warnings/errors and it may break when other JDK implementation is used. Use only when you know what you are doing.

      The value MUST be an instance of Boolean.

      The default value is false.

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.client.httpUrlConnection.setMethodWorkaround".

      Since JDK 16 the JDK internal classes are not opened for reflection and the workaround method does not work, unless --add-opens java.base/ for HTTP requests and additional --add-opens java.base/ for HTTPS (HttpsUrlConnection) options are set.

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  • Constructor Details

    • HttpUrlConnectorProvider

      public HttpUrlConnectorProvider()
      Create new HttpURLConnection-based Jersey client connector provider.
  • Method Details

    • connectionFactory

      public HttpUrlConnectorProvider connectionFactory(HttpUrlConnectorProvider.ConnectionFactory connectionFactory)
      Set a custom HttpURLConnection factory.
      connectionFactory - custom HTTP URL connection factory. Must not be null.
      updated connector provider instance.
      NullPointerException - in case the supplied connectionFactory is null.
    • chunkSize

      public HttpUrlConnectorProvider chunkSize(int chunkSize)
      Set chunk size for requests transferred using a HTTP chunked transfer coding. If no value is set, the default chunk size of 4096 bytes will be used.

      Note that this programmatically set value can be overridden by setting the ClientProperties.CHUNKED_ENCODING_SIZE property specified in the Jersey client instance configuration.

      chunkSize - chunked transfer coding chunk size to be used.
      updated connector provider instance.
      IllegalArgumentException - in case the specified chunk size is negative.
    • useFixedLengthStreaming

      public HttpUrlConnectorProvider useFixedLengthStreaming()
      Instruct the provided connectors to use the fixed-length streaming mode on the underlying HTTP URL connection instance when sending requests. See USE_FIXED_LENGTH_STREAMING property documentation for more details.

      Note that this programmatically set value can be overridden by setting the USE_FIXED_LENGTH_STREAMING property specified in the Jersey client instance configuration.

      updated connector provider instance.
    • useSetMethodWorkaround

      public HttpUrlConnectorProvider useSetMethodWorkaround()
      Instruct the provided connectors to use reflection when setting the HTTP method value.See SET_METHOD_WORKAROUND property documentation for more details.

      Note that this programmatically set value can be overridden by setting the SET_METHOD_WORKAROUND property specified in the Jersey client instance configuration or in the request properties.

      updated connector provider instance.
    • getConnector

      public Connector getConnector(Client client, Configuration config)
      Description copied from interface: ConnectorProvider
      Get a Jersey client connector instance for a given client instance and Jersey client runtime configuration.

      Note that the supplied runtime configuration can be different from the client instance configuration as a single client can be used to serve multiple differently configured runtimes. While the SSL context or hostname verifier are shared, other configuration properties may change in each runtime.

      Based on the supplied client and runtime configuration data, it is up to each connector provider implementation to decide whether a new dedicated connector instance is required or if the existing, previously create connector instance can be reused.

      Specified by:
      getConnector in interface ConnectorProvider
      client - Jersey client instance.
      config - Jersey client runtime configuration.
      configured Connector instance to be used by the client.
    • createHttpUrlConnector

      protected Connector createHttpUrlConnector(Client client, HttpUrlConnectorProvider.ConnectionFactory connectionFactory, int chunkSize, boolean fixLengthStreaming, boolean setMethodWorkaround)
      client - JAX-RS client instance for which the connector is being created.
      connectionFactory - HttpsURLConnection factory to be used when creating connections.
      chunkSize - chunk size to use when using HTTP chunked transfer coding.
      fixLengthStreaming - specify if the the fixed-length streaming mode on the underlying HTTP URL connection instances should be used when sending requests.
      setMethodWorkaround - specify if the reflection workaround should be used to set HTTP URL connection method name. See SET_METHOD_WORKAROUND for details.
      created HttpUrlConnector instance.
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      public boolean equals(Object o)
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      public int hashCode()
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