Class CsrfProtectionFilter

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public class CsrfProtectionFilter extends Object implements ClientRequestFilter
Simple client-side filter that adds X-Requested-By headers to all state-changing request (i.e. request for methods other than GET, HEAD and OPTIONS). This is to satisfy the requirements of the org.glassfish.jersey.server.filter.CsrfProtectionFilter on the server side.
Martin Matula
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      public static final String HEADER_NAME
      Name of the header this filter will attach to the request.
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    • CsrfProtectionFilter

      public CsrfProtectionFilter()
      Creates a new instance of the filter with X-Requested-By header value set to empty string.
    • CsrfProtectionFilter

      public CsrfProtectionFilter(String requestedBy)
      Initialized the filter with a desired value of the X-Requested-By header.
      requestedBy - Desired value of X-Requested-By header the filter will be adding for all potentially state changing requests.
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