Class EncodingFeature

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public class EncodingFeature extends Object implements Feature
Feature that configures support for content encodings on the client side. This feature registers EncodingFilter and the specified set of encoding providers to the client configuration. It also allows setting the value of ClientProperties.USE_ENCODING property.
Martin Matula
  • Constructor Details

    • EncodingFeature

      public EncodingFeature(Class<?>... encodingProviders)
      Create a new instance of the feature.
      encodingProviders - Encoding providers to be registered in the client configuration.
    • EncodingFeature

      public EncodingFeature(String useEncoding, Class<?>... encoders)
      Create a new instance of the feature specifying the default value for the ClientProperties.USE_ENCODING property. Unless the value is set in the client configuration properties at the time when this feature gets enabled, the provided value will be used.
      useEncoding - Default value of ClientProperties.USE_ENCODING property.
      encoders - Encoders to be registered in the client configuration.
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