Class NettyConnectorProvider

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@Beta public class NettyConnectorProvider extends Object implements ConnectorProvider
Netty provider for Jersey connectors.

The following connector configuration properties are supported:

If a ClientResponse is obtained and an entity is not read from the response then InboundMessageContext.close() MUST be called after processing the response to release connection-based resources.

If a response entity is obtained that is an instance of Closeable then the instance MUST be closed after processing the entity to release connection-based resources.

Pavel Bucek
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    • NettyConnectorProvider

      public NettyConnectorProvider()
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    • getConnector

      public Connector getConnector(Client client, Configuration runtimeConfig)
      Description copied from interface: ConnectorProvider
      Get a Jersey client connector instance for a given client instance and Jersey client runtime configuration.

      Note that the supplied runtime configuration can be different from the client instance configuration as a single client can be used to serve multiple differently configured runtimes. While the SSL context or hostname verifier are shared, other configuration properties may change in each runtime.

      Based on the supplied client and runtime configuration data, it is up to each connector provider implementation to decide whether a new dedicated connector instance is required or if the existing, previously create connector instance can be reused.

      Specified by:
      getConnector in interface ConnectorProvider
      client - Jersey client instance.
      runtimeConfig - Jersey client runtime configuration.
      configured Connector instance to be used by the client.