Class JerseyPriorities


public class JerseyPriorities extends Object
Built-in Jersey-specific priority constants to be used along with Priorities where finer-grained categorization is required.
Adam Lindenthal
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      public static final int POST_ENTITY_CODER
      Priority for components that have to be called AFTER message encoders/decoders filters/interceptors. The constant has to be higher than Priorities.ENTITY_CODER in order to force the processing after the components with Priorities.ENTITY_CODER are processed.
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    • getPriorityValue

      public static int getPriorityValue(Class<?> prioritized, int defaultValue)
      Return the value of priority annotation on a given class, if exists. Return the default value if not present.
      prioritized - the provider class that potentially has a priority.
      defaultValue - the default priority value if not {@link @Priority) present
      the value of Priority annotation if present or the default otherwise.