Interface ChunkParser

public interface ChunkParser
Chunk data parser. Implementations of this interface are used by a ChunkedInput instance for parsing response entity input stream into chunks.

Chunk parsers are expected to read data from the response entity input stream until a non-empty data chunk is fully read and then return the chunk data back to the ChunkedInput instance for further processing (i.e. conversion into a specific Java type).

Chunk parsers are typically expected to skip any empty chunks (the chunks that do not contain any data) or any control meta-data associated with chunks, however it is not a hard requirement to do so. The decision depends on the knowledge of which MessageBodyReader implementation is selected for de-serialization of the chunk data.

Marek Potociar
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    readChunk(InputStream responseStream)
    Invoked by ChunkedInput to get the data for the next chunk.
  • Method Details

    • readChunk

      byte[] readChunk(InputStream responseStream) throws IOException
      Invoked by ChunkedInput to get the data for the next chunk.
      responseStream - response entity input stream.
      next chunk data represented as an array of bytes, or null if no more chunks are available.
      IOException - in case reading from the response entity fails.