Interface ConnectorProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
Apache5ConnectorProvider, ApacheConnectorProvider, CachingConnectorProvider, GrizzlyConnectorProvider, HttpUrlConnectorProvider, JavaNetHttpConnectorProvider, JdkConnectorProvider, NettyConnectorProvider

public interface ConnectorProvider
Jersey client connector provider contract. Connector provider is invoked by Jersey client runtime to provide a client connector to be used to send client requests over the wire to server-side resources. There can be only one connector provider registered in a single Jersey client instance.

Note that unlike most of the other Jersey SPI extension contracts, ConnectorProvider is not a typical runtime extension and as such cannot be registered using a configuration register(...) method. Instead, it must be registered using via JerseyClientBuilder using it's ClientConfig.connectorProvider(ConnectorProvider) initializer method.

Marek Potociar
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    • getConnector

      Connector getConnector(Client client, Configuration runtimeConfig)
      Get a Jersey client connector instance for a given client instance and Jersey client runtime configuration.

      Note that the supplied runtime configuration can be different from the client instance configuration as a single client can be used to serve multiple differently configured runtimes. While the SSL context or hostname verifier are shared, other configuration properties may change in each runtime.

      Based on the supplied client and runtime configuration data, it is up to each connector provider implementation to decide whether a new dedicated connector instance is required or if the existing, previously create connector instance can be reused.

      client - Jersey client instance.
      runtimeConfig - Jersey client runtime configuration.
      configured Connector instance to be used by the client.