Interface PostInvocationInterceptor.ExceptionContext

Enclosing interface:

public static interface PostInvocationInterceptor.ExceptionContext
The context providing information when the Throwable (typically, the RuntimeException) is caught.
  • Method Details

    • getResponseContext

      Optional<ClientResponseContext> getResponseContext()
      If the ClientResponseContext has been available at the time of the Throwable occurrence, such as when the PostInvocationInterceptor is processed, it will be available.
      ClientResponseContext if available.
    • getThrowables

      Deque<Throwable> getThrowables()
      Get the mutable Deque of unhandled Throwables occurred during the request (including previous PostInvocationInterceptor processing).
      Unhandled Throwables occurred during the request.
    • resolve

      void resolve(Response response)
      Resolve the Throwables with a provided Response. The Throwables in the ExceptionContext will be cleared.
      response - the provided Response to be passed to a next PostInvocationInterceptor or the Client.