Class ExternalPropertiesConfigurationFactory


public class ExternalPropertiesConfigurationFactory extends Object
Factory for external properties providers Offers methods to work with properties loaded from providers or just configure Jersey's Configurables with loaded properties from providers
  • Constructor Details

    • ExternalPropertiesConfigurationFactory

      public ExternalPropertiesConfigurationFactory()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public static boolean configure(Configurable config)
      Input Configurable object shall be provided in order to be filled with all found properties
      config - Input Configurable initialised object to be filled with properties
      true if configured false otherwise
    • configure

      public static boolean configure(BiConsumer<String,Object> config, List<ExternalConfigurationProvider> externalConfigurationProviders)
      Key Value pairs gathered by ExternalConfigurationProviders are applied to a given config. The config can be for instance (k,v) ->,v) of a Configurable structure, or (k,v) -> properties.put(k,v) of a Properties structure.
      config -
      externalConfigurationProviders - the providers to grab the properties from it.
      true if configured false otherwise.