Class ContentTypeDeterminer

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public class ContentTypeDeterminer extends Object
Utility class containing methods used on both client and server side for determining media type of a response based on provided MessageBodyWorkers.
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    • determineResponseMediaType

      protected MediaType determineResponseMediaType(Class<?> entityClass, Type entityType, RequestSpecificConsumesProducesAcceptor<?> selectedMethod, List<AcceptableMediaType> acceptableMediaTypes, List<MediaType> methodProducesTypes, Annotation[] handlingMethodAnnotations)
      Determine the MediaType of the Response based on writers suitable for the given entity class, pre-selected method and acceptable media types.
      entityClass - entity class to determine the media type for.
      entityType - entity type for writers.
      selectedMethod - pre-selected (invoked) method.
      acceptableMediaTypes - acceptable media types from request.
      methodProducesTypes - media types producible by resource method
      media type of the response.