Interface ForcedAutoDiscoverable

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JaxbAutoDiscoverable, JsonBindingAutoDiscoverable, JsonProcessingAutoDiscoverable, MonitoringAutodiscoverable, RequestHeaderAutoDiscoverable, SseAutoDiscoverable, WadlAutoDiscoverable

public interface ForcedAutoDiscoverable extends AutoDiscoverable
A service provider contract for JAX-RS and Jersey components that need to be automatically discovered and registered in runtime configurations.

A component implementing this contract becomes auto-discoverable by adding a new entry with fully qualified name of its implementation class name to a org.glassfish.jersey.internal.spi.AutoDiscoverable file in the META-INF/services directory.

Implementations of this contract are always configured regardless of values of properties CommonProperties.FEATURE_AUTO_DISCOVERY_DISABLE and CommonProperties.METAINF_SERVICES_LOOKUP_DISABLE.

Michal Gajdos
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