Class NullableMultivaluedHashMap<K,V>

Type Parameters:
K - the type of keys maintained by this map
V - the type of mapped values which can contain null values
All Implemented Interfaces:
MultivaluedMap<K,V>, Serializable, Map<K,List<V>>

public class NullableMultivaluedHashMap<K,V> extends MultivaluedHashMap<K,V>
An implementation of MultivaluedMap where values can be null.
Petr Bouda
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  • Constructor Details

    • NullableMultivaluedHashMap

      public NullableMultivaluedHashMap()
    • NullableMultivaluedHashMap

      public NullableMultivaluedHashMap(int initialCapacity)
    • NullableMultivaluedHashMap

      public NullableMultivaluedHashMap(int initialCapacity, float loadFactor)
    • NullableMultivaluedHashMap

      public NullableMultivaluedHashMap(MultivaluedMap<? extends K,? extends V> map)
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