Class JettyClientProperties


public final class JettyClientProperties extends Object
Configuration options specific to the Client API that utilizes JettyConnectorProvider.
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      public static final String DISABLE_COOKIES
      A value of false indicates the client should handle cookies automatically using HttpClient's default cookie policy. A value of false will cause the client to ignore all cookies.

      The value MUST be an instance of Boolean. If the property is absent the default value is false

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      public static final String PREEMPTIVE_BASIC_AUTHENTICATION
      The credential provider that should be used to retrieve credentials from a user. If an Authentication mechanism is found, it is then used for the given request, returning an Authentication.Result, which is then stored in the AuthenticationStore so that subsequent requests can be preemptively authenticated.

      The value MUST be an instance of BasicAuthentication. If the property is absent a default provider will be used.

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      public static final String ENABLE_SSL_HOSTNAME_VERIFICATION
      A value of false indicates the client disable a hostname verification during SSL Handshake. A client will ignore CN value defined in a certificate that is stored in a truststore.

      The value MUST be an instance of Boolean. If the property is absent the default value is true.

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      public static final String SYNC_LISTENER_RESPONSE_MAX_SIZE
      Overrides the default Jetty synchronous listener response max buffer size. In practise, this allows you to read larger responses. Size in bytes.

      If the property is absent, the value is such as specified by Jetty (currently 2MiB).

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      public static final String TOTAL_TIMEOUT
      Total timeout interval for request/response conversation, in milliseconds. Opposed to ClientProperties.READ_TIMEOUT.

      The value MUST be an instance convertible to Integer. The value of zero (0) is equivalent to an interval of infinity.

      The default value is zero (infinity).

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.jetty.client.totalTimeout".

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    • getValue

      public static <T> T getValue(Map<String,?> properties, String key, Class<T> type)
      Get the value of the specified property. If the property is not set or the real value type is not compatible with the specified value type, returns null.
      Type Parameters:
      T - Type of the property value.
      properties - Map of properties to get the property value from.
      key - Name of the property.
      type - Type to retrieve the value as.
      Value of the property or null.