Class JavaNetHttpClientProperties


public class JavaNetHttpClientProperties extends Object
Provides configuration properties for a JavaNetHttpConnector.
Steffen Nie├čing
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      public static final String SSL_PARAMETERS

      Configuration of SSL parameters used by the HttpClient. If this option is not set, then the HttpClient will use implementation specific default values.

      A provided value to this option has to be of type SSLParameters.

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.jnh.client.sslParameters".

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      public static final String PREEMPTIVE_BASIC_AUTHENTICATION

      An instance of the Authenticator class that should be used to retrieve credentials from a user.

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.jnh.client.preemptiveBasicAuthentication".

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      public static final String DISABLE_COOKIES

      A value of false indicates the client should handle cookies automatically using HttpClient's default cookie policy. A value of false will cause the client to ignore all cookies.

      The value MUST be an instance of Boolean. If the property is absent the default value is false

      The name of the configuration property is "jersey.config.jnh.client.disableCookies".

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      public static final String HTTP_VERSION
      HTTP version - if null or instance of HttpClient.Version.HTTP_1_1 the version will be set to HTTP_1_1 if version is HttpClient.Version.HTTP_2 the client will attempt to perform each request using HTTP_2 protocol but if not supported by server, the protocol will be still HTTP_1_1
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