Class LoggingFeatureAutoDiscoverable

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@Priority(2000) public final class LoggingFeatureAutoDiscoverable extends Object implements AutoDiscoverable
Auto-discoverable class that registers LoggingFeature based on configuration properties.

Feature is registered if any of the common properties (see LoggingFeature) is set or any of the client properties is set and context's RuntimeType is RuntimeType.CLIENT or any of the server properties is set and context's RuntimeType is RuntimeType.SERVER.

The registration does not occur if the feature is already registered or auto-discoverable mechanism is disabled.

Ondrej Kosatka
  • Constructor Details

    • LoggingFeatureAutoDiscoverable

      public LoggingFeatureAutoDiscoverable()
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    • configure

      public void configure(FeatureContext context)
      Description copied from interface: AutoDiscoverable
      A call-back method called when an auto-discoverable component is to be configured in a given runtime configuration scope.

      Note that as with JAX-RS features, before registering new JAX-RS components in a given configurable context, an auto-discoverable component should verify that newly registered components are not already registered in the configurable context.

      Specified by:
      configure in interface AutoDiscoverable
      context - configurable context in which the auto-discoverable should be configured.