Interface OAuth1Request

public interface OAuth1Request
Interface to be implemented as a wrapper around an HTTP request, so that digital signature can be generated and/or verified.
Paul C. Bryan <>
  • Method Details

    • getRequestMethod

      String getRequestMethod()
      Returns the name of the HTTP method with which this request was made, for example, GET, POST, or PUT.
      the name of the method with which this request was made.
    • getRequestURL

      URL getRequestURL()
      Returns the URL of the request, including protocol, server name, optional port number, and server path.
      the request URL.
    • getParameterNames

      Set<String> getParameterNames()
      Returns an Set of String objects containing the names of the parameters contained in the request.
      the names of the parameters.
    • getParameterValues

      List<String> getParameterValues(String name)
      Returns an List of String objects containing the values of the specified request parameter, or null if the parameter does not exist. For HTTP requests, parameters are contained in the query string and/or posted form data.
      name - the name of the parameter.
      the values of the parameter.
    • getHeaderValues

      List<String> getHeaderValues(String name)
      Returns the value(s) of the specified request header. If the request did not include a header of the specified name, this method returns null.
      name - the header name.
      the value(s) of the requested header, or null if none exist.
    • addHeaderValue

      void addHeaderValue(String name, String value) throws IllegalStateException
      Adds a header with the given name and value.
      name - the name of the header.
      value - the header value.
      IllegalStateException - if this method cannot be implemented.