Class ParamException

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FormDataParamException, ParamException.CookieParamException, ParamException.FormParamException, ParamException.HeaderParamException, ParamException.UriParamException

public abstract class ParamException extends WebApplicationException
An abstract extension of WebApplicationException for the class of parameter-based exceptions.

Exceptions that are instances of this class will be thrown if the runtime encounters an error obtaining a parameter value, from a request, for a Java type that is annotated with a parameter-based annotation, such as QueryParam. For more details see section 3.2 of the JAX-RS specification.

An ExceptionMapper may be configured to map this class or a sub-class of to customize responses for parameter-based errors.

Unless otherwise stated all such exceptions of this type will contain a response with a 400 (Client error) status code.

Paul Sandoz, Marek Potociar
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    • getParameterType

      public Class<? extends Annotation> getParameterType()
      Get the type of the parameter annotation.
      the type of the parameter annotation.
    • getParameterName

      public String getParameterName()
      Get the parameter name.
      the parameter name.
    • getDefaultStringValue

      public String getDefaultStringValue()
      Get the default String value.
      the default String value.