Class HttpMethodOverrideFilter

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@PreMatching @Priority(3050) public final class HttpMethodOverrideFilter extends Object implements ContainerRequestFilter
A pre-matching filter to support HTTP method replacing of a POST request to a request utilizing another HTTP method for the case where proxies or HTTP servers would otherwise block that HTTP method.

This filter may be used to replace a POST request with a PUT, DELETE or GET request.

Replacement will occur if the request method is POST and there exists either a request header "X-HTTP-Method-Override", or a query parameter "_method" with a non-empty value. That value will be the HTTP method that replaces the POST method. In addition to that, when replacing the POST method with GET, the filter will convert the form parameters to query parameters. If the filter is configured to look for both the X-HTTP-Method-Override header as well as the _method query parameter (the default setting), both are present in the request and they differ, the filter returns Response.Status.BAD_REQUEST response.

The filter behavior can be configured using ServerProperties.HTTP_METHOD_OVERRIDE property.

Paul Sandoz, Martin Matula, Fredy Nagy, Florian Hars (florian at