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@PreMatching @Priority(3000) public final class UriConnegFilter extends Object implements ContainerRequestFilter
A URI-based content negotiation filter mapping a dot-declared suffix in URI to media type that is the value of the Accept header or a language that is the value of the Accept-Language header.

This filter may be used when the acceptable media type and acceptable language need to be declared in the URI.

This class may be extended to declare the mappings and the extending class, foo.MyUriConnegFilter say, can be registered as a container request filter.

If a suffix of "atom" is registered with a media type of "application/atom+xml" then a GET request of:

GET /resource.atom

is transformed to:

GET /resource
 Accept: application/atom+xml
Any existing "Accept" header value will be replaced.

If a suffix of "english" is registered with a language of "en" then a GET request of:

GET /resource.english

is transformed to:

GET /resource
 Accept-Language: en
Any existing "Accept-Language"header value will be replaced.

The media type mappings are processed before the language type mappings.

Paul Sandoz, Martin Matula
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    • UriConnegFilter

      public UriConnegFilter(@Context Configuration rc)
      Create a filter that reads the configuration (media type and language mappings) from the provided ResourceConfig instance. This constructor will be called by the Jersey runtime when the filter class is returned from Application.getClasses(). The ResourceConfig instance will get auto-injected.
      rc - ResourceConfig instance that holds the configuration for the filter.
    • UriConnegFilter

      public UriConnegFilter(Map<String,MediaType> mediaTypeMappings, Map<String,String> languageMappings)
      Create a filter with suffix to media type mappings and suffix to language mappings.
      mediaTypeMappings - the suffix to media type mappings.
      languageMappings - the suffix to language mappings.
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