Class ApplicationInfoListener

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@Priority(1000) public final class ApplicationInfoListener extends Object implements ApplicationEventListener
Application event listener that listens to application events and just prepare ApplicationInfo instance to be injectable.
Libor Kramolis
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    • ApplicationInfoListener

      public ApplicationInfoListener()
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    • onRequest

      public RequestEventListener onRequest(RequestEvent requestEvent)
      Description copied from interface: ApplicationEventListener
      Process a new request and return a request event listener if listening to request events is required. The method is called once for each new incoming request. If listening to the request is required then request event must be returned from the method. Such a request event listener will receive all request events that one request. If listening to request event for the request is not required then null must be returned from the method (do not return empty mock listener in these cases as it will have negative performance impact).
      Specified by:
      onRequest in interface ApplicationEventListener
      requestEvent - Event of type RequestEvent.Type.START.
      Request event listener that will monitor the events of the request connected with requestEvent; null otherwise.
    • onEvent

      public void onEvent(ApplicationEvent event)
      Description copied from interface: ApplicationEventListener
      Process the application event. This method is called when new event occurs.
      Specified by:
      onEvent in interface ApplicationEventListener
      event - Application event.