Class MonitoringFeature

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public final class MonitoringFeature extends Object implements Feature
Feature that enables calculating of monitoring statistics and optionally also enables exposure of monitoring MBeans.

Calculation of MonitoringStatistics is necessary in order to expose monitoring MBeans, so by default this feature always enables calculation of MonitoringStatistics. Additionally, the feature can be configured by setting true to setmBeansEnabled(boolean) in order to enable exposure of monitoring MBeans. The same can be achieved by configuration of a property ServerProperties.MONITORING_STATISTICS_MBEANS_ENABLED which overrides the setting defined by the setmBeansEnabled(boolean) method.

The MonitoringStatistics can be controlled also by definition of a property ServerProperties.MONITORING_STATISTICS_ENABLED which overrides the registration of this feature.

When auto-discovery is enabled then monitoring statistics and exposure of MBeans can be controlled only by properties above without a need to explicitly register this feature.
Miroslav Fuksa
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  • Constructor Details

    • MonitoringFeature

      public MonitoringFeature()
  • Method Details

    • configure

      public boolean configure(FeatureContext context)
      Specified by:
      configure in interface Feature
    • setmBeansEnabled

      public void setmBeansEnabled(boolean mBeansEnabled)
      Set whether the feature should also enable exposure of monitoring statistics MBeans. The set value can be overwritten by the definition of the property ServerProperties.MONITORING_STATISTICS_MBEANS_ENABLED.
      mBeansEnabled - true is monitoring MBeans should be exposed.