Interface RespondingContext

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public interface RespondingContext
Context that can be used during the data processing for registering response processing stages and/or functions that will be invoked during the response processing to transform the response before it is written to the client.
Marek Potociar
  • Method Details

    • push

      void push(Function<ContainerResponse,ContainerResponse> responseTransformation)
      Push response transformation function that should be applied.
      responseTransformation - response transformation function.
    • push

      void push(ChainableStage<ContainerResponse> stage)
      Push chainable response transformation stage that should be applied.
      stage - response transformation chainable stage.
    • createRespondingRoot

      Stage<ContainerResponse> createRespondingRoot()
      (Optionally) create a responder chain from all transformations previously pushed into the context.
      created responder chain root or null in case of no registered transformations.