Interface ExceptionMapperMXBean

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public interface ExceptionMapperMXBean
MXBean interface of the exception mapper statistics.
Miroslav Fuksa
  • Method Details

    • getExceptionMapperCount

      Map<String,Long> getExceptionMapperCount()
      Get the statistics of execution of exception mappers.
      Map where keys are string class names of exception mappers and values are counts of execution of these mappers.
    • getSuccessfulMappings

      long getSuccessfulMappings()
      Get count of all successful exception mappings. Successful exception mapping occurs when any exception mapper returns an valid response (even if response contains non-successful response status code).
      Count of successfully mapped exception.
    • getUnsuccessfulMappings

      long getUnsuccessfulMappings()
      Get count of all unsuccessful exception mappings. Unsuccessful exception mapping occurs when any exception mapping process does not produce an valid response. The reason can be that the exception mapper is not found, or is found but throws exception.
      Count of unmapped exception.
    • getTotalMappings

      long getTotalMappings()
      Get count of exception mappings that were performed on exceptions.
      Count of all exception being mapped in the runtime.