Class WebComponent


public class WebComponent extends Object
An common Jersey web component that may be extended by a Servlet and/or Filter implementation, or encapsulated by a Servlet or Filter implementation.
Paul Sandoz, Jakub Podlesak, Marek Potociar, Martin Matula, Libor Kramolis
  • Constructor Details

    • WebComponent

      public WebComponent(WebConfig webConfig, ResourceConfig resourceConfig) throws jakarta.servlet.ServletException
      Create and initialize new web component instance.
      webConfig - we component configuration.
      resourceConfig - Jersey application configuration.
      jakarta.servlet.ServletException - in case the Jersey application cannot be created from the supplied resource configuration.
  • Method Details

    • service

      public Value<Integer> service(URI baseUri, URI requestUri, jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest servletRequest, jakarta.servlet.http.HttpServletResponse servletResponse) throws jakarta.servlet.ServletException, IOException
      Dispatch client requests to a resource class.
      baseUri - the base URI of the request.
      requestUri - the URI of the request.
      servletRequest - the HttpServletRequest object that contains the request the client made to the Web component.
      servletResponse - the HttpServletResponse object that contains the response the Web component returns to the client.
      lazily initialized response status code value provider. If not resolved in the moment of call to Value.get(), -1 is returned.
      IOException - if an input or output error occurs while the Web component is handling the HTTP request.
      jakarta.servlet.ServletException - if the HTTP request cannot be handled.
    • getAppHandler

      public ApplicationHandler getAppHandler()
      Get ApplicationHandler used by this web component.
      The application handler