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public interface ExtendedServletContainerProvider extends ServletContainerProvider
Implementations could provide their own HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse binding implementation in HK2 locator and also an implementation of RequestScopedInitializer that is used to set actual request/response references in injection manager within each request.
Jakub Podlesak
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    • getRequestScopedInitializerProvider

      RequestScopedInitializerProvider getRequestScopedInitializerProvider()
      Give me a RequestScopedInitializerProvider instance, that will be utilized at runtime to set the actual HTTP Servlet request and response. The provider returned will be used at runtime for every and each incoming request so that the actual request/response instances could be made accessible from Jersey injection manager.
      request scoped initializer provider.
    • bindsServletRequestResponse

      boolean bindsServletRequestResponse()
      Used by Jersey runtime to tell if the extension covers HTTP Servlet request response handling with respect to underlying injection manager. Return true, if your implementation configures HK2 bindings for HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse in ServletContainerProvider.configure(ResourceConfig) method and also provides a RequestScopedInitializer implementation via getRequestScopedInitializerProvider().
      true if the extension fully covers HTTP request/response handling.