Interface ModelProcessor

All Known Implementing Classes:
OptionsMethodProcessor, WadlModelProcessor

@Contract @ConstrainedTo(SERVER) public interface ModelProcessor
Contract for a model processors that processes resource models during application initialization and resource returned by sub resource locators. Even though model processors can completely change the resource model, the standard use case it to enhance the current resource model by additional methods and resources (like for example adding OPTIONS http methods for every URI endpoint).

More model processors can be registered. These providers will be execute in the chain so that each model processor will be executed with resource model processed by the previous model processor. The first model processor in the chain will be invoked with the initial resource model from which the application was initiated.

Model processors implementations can define binding priority to define the order in which they are executed (processors with a lower priority is invoked before processor with a higher priority). The highest possible priority (Integer.MAX_VALUE) is used for model processor which enhance resource models by the default OPTIONS method defined by JAX-RS specification and therefore this priority should not be used.

Note that if model processor adds a resources that are intended to be supportive resources like OPTIONS method providing information about the resource, it should properly define the extended flag of such a new method. See ExtendedResource for more information.

Miroslav Fuksa
  • Method Details

    • processResourceModel

      ResourceModel processResourceModel(ResourceModel resourceModel, Configuration configuration)
      Process resourceModel and return the processed model. Returning input resourceModel will cause no effect on the final resource model.
      resourceModel - Input resource model to be processed.
      configuration - Runtime configuration.
      Processed resource model containing root resources. Non root resources will be ignored.
    • processSubResource

      ResourceModel processSubResource(ResourceModel subResourceModel, Configuration configuration)
      Process subResourceModel which was returned a sub resource locator.

      The subResourceModel contains only one resource representing model that should be processed by further matching. The method must return also exactly one resource in the model. Returning input subResourceModel instance will cause no effect on the final sub resource model.

      subResourceModel - Sub resource which is based on sub resource returned from sub resource locator.
      configuration - Runtime configuration.
      Processed resource model with one resource which should be used for handling sub resource.