Class XmlJaxbElementProvider.General

All Implemented Interfaces:
MessageBodyReader<jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?>>, MessageBodyWriter<jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?>>
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@Produces("*/*,*/*+xml") @Consumes("*/*,*/*+xml") @Singleton public static final class XmlJaxbElementProvider.General extends XmlJaxbElementProvider
Provider for marshalling/un-marshalling JAXB elements from/to entities of <type>/<sub-type>+xml media types.
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    • isSupported

      protected boolean isSupported(MediaType m)
      Description copied from class: AbstractJaxbProvider
      Check if the given media type is supported by this JAXB entity provider.

      Subclasses can override this method. Default implementation always returns true.

      isSupported in class AbstractJaxbProvider<jakarta.xml.bind.JAXBElement<?>>
      m - media type to be checked for support.
      true if the media type is supported by the entity provider, false otherwise.