Class SseBroadcaster

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public class SseBroadcaster extends Broadcaster<OutboundEvent>
Used for broadcasting SSE to multiple EventOutput instances.
Pavel Bucek, Martin Matula
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    • SseBroadcaster

      public SseBroadcaster()
      Creates a new instance. If this constructor is called by a subclass, it assumes the the reason for the subclass to exist is to implement Broadcaster.onClose(org.glassfish.jersey.server.ChunkedOutput) and Broadcaster.onException(org.glassfish.jersey.server.ChunkedOutput, Exception) methods, so it adds the newly created instance as the listener. To avoid this, subclasses may call SseBroadcaster(Class) passing their class as an argument.
    • SseBroadcaster

      protected SseBroadcaster(Class<? extends SseBroadcaster> subclass)
      Can be used by subclasses to override the default functionality of adding self to the set of listeners. If creating a direct instance of a subclass passed in the parameter, the broadcaster will not register itself as a listener.
      subclass - subclass of SseBroadcaster that should not be registered as a listener - if creating a direct instance of this subclass, this constructor will not register the new instance as a listener.
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