Class CommonConfig

All Implemented Interfaces:
Configurable<FeatureContext>, Configuration, FeatureContext, ExtendedConfig
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public class CommonConfig extends Object implements FeatureContext, ExtendedConfig
Common immutable Configuration implementation for server and client.
Michal Gajdos, Marek Potociar
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    • CommonConfig

      public CommonConfig(RuntimeType type, Predicate<ContractProvider> registrationStrategy)
      Create a new RuntimeConfig instance.

      The constructor provides a way for defining a contract provider model registration strategy. Once a registration model is built for a newly registered contract, the provided registration strategy filter is consulted whether the model should be registered or not.

      Clients can use the method to cancel any contract provider model registration that does not meet the criteria of a given configuration context, such as a model that does not have any recognized contracts associated with it.

      type - configuration runtime type.
      registrationStrategy - function driving the decision (based on the introspected contract provider model) whether or not should the component class registration continue towards a successful completion.
    • CommonConfig

      public CommonConfig(CommonConfig config)
      Copy constructor.
      config - configurable to copy class properties from.
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