Class AbstractChainableStage<DATA>

Type Parameters:
DATA - processed data type.
All Implemented Interfaces:
ChainableStage<DATA>, Stage<DATA>

public abstract class AbstractChainableStage<DATA> extends Object implements ChainableStage<DATA>
Abstract chainable linear acceptor. Implements support for managing the default next stage value.
Marek Potociar
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractChainableStage

      protected AbstractChainableStage()
      Create a new chainable acceptor with no next stage set.
    • AbstractChainableStage

      protected AbstractChainableStage(Stage<DATA> nextStage)
      Create a new chainable acceptor with an initialized default next stage value.
      nextStage - default next stage.
  • Method Details

    • setDefaultNext

      public final void setDefaultNext(Stage<DATA> next)
      Description copied from interface: ChainableStage
      Set the default next stage that should be returned from this stage after it has been invoked by default.
      Specified by:
      setDefaultNext in interface ChainableStage<DATA>
      next - the next default stage in the chain.
    • getDefaultNext

      public final Stage<DATA> getDefaultNext()
      Get the default next stage currently configured on the acceptor.
      default next stage currently configured on the acceptor.