Interface MultivaluedParameterExtractor<T>

public interface MultivaluedParameterExtractor<T>
Provider that converts the values of an entry of a given name from the supplied multivalued map into an object of a custom Java type.
Paul Sandoz, Marek Potociar
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Name of the parameter (map key) to be extracted from the supplied multivalued map.
      name of the extracted parameter.
    • getDefaultValueString

      String getDefaultValueString()
      Default entry value (string) that will be used in case the entry is not present in the supplied multivalued map.
      default (back-up) map entry value.
    • extract

      T extract(MultivaluedMap<String,String> parameters)
      Extract the map entry identified by a name (and using the configured default value) from the supplied multivalued map.
      parameters - multivalued parameter map.
      custom Java type instance representing the extracted multivalued map entry.