Class ComponentModelValidator


public final class ComponentModelValidator extends Object
A resource model validator that checks the given resource model. This base resource model validator class implements the visitor pattern to traverse through all the resource model components to check validity of a resource model.

This validator maintains a list of all the issues found in the model. That way all the resource model components can be validated in a single call to the validate(...) method and collect all the validation issues from the model.

To check a single resource class, the the Resource builder(...) can be used to create a resource model. validate(ResourceModelComponent) method then populates the issue list, which could be then obtained by the getIssueList(). Unless the list is explicitly cleared, a subsequent calls to the validate method will add new items to the list, so that it can be used to build the issue list for more than one resource. To clear the list, the cleanIssueList() method should be called.

Jakub Podlesak, Marek Potociar
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    • getIssueList

      public List<ResourceModelIssue> getIssueList()
      Returns a list of issues found after validate(org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.ResourceModelComponent) method has been invoked.
      a non-null list of issues.
    • fatalIssuesFound

      public boolean fatalIssuesFound()
      Convenience method to see if there were fatal issues found.
      true if there are any fatal issues present in the current issue list.
    • cleanIssueList

      public void cleanIssueList()
      Removes all issues from the current issue list. The method could be used to re-use the same ComponentModelValidator for another resource model.
    • validate

      public void validate(ResourceModelComponent component)
      The validate method validates a component and adds possible issues found to it's list. The list of issues could be then retrieved via getIssueList method.
      component - resource model component.