Interface WadlGenerator

All Known Implementing Classes:
WadlGeneratorApplicationDoc, WadlGeneratorGrammarsSupport, WadlGeneratorImpl, WadlGeneratorJAXBGrammarGenerator, WadlGeneratorResourceDocSupport

public interface WadlGenerator
A WadlGenerator creates artifacts related to wadl. This is designed as an interface, so that several implementations can decorate existing ones. One decorator could e.g. add references to definitions within some xsd for existing representations.
Created on: Jun 16, 2008
Martin Grotzke (martin.grotzke at
  • Method Details

    • setWadlGeneratorDelegate

      void setWadlGeneratorDelegate(WadlGenerator delegate)
      Sets the delegate that is decorated by this wadl generator. Is invoked directly after this generator is instantiated before init() or any setter method is invoked.
      delegate - the wadl generator to decorate
    • init

      void init() throws Exception
      Invoked before all methods related to wadl-building are invoked. This method is used in a decorator like manner, and therefore has to invoke this.delegate.init().
    • getRequiredJaxbContextPath

      String getRequiredJaxbContextPath()
      The jaxb context path that is used when the generated wadl application is marshalled to a file. This method is used in a decorator like manner. The result return the path (or a colon-separated list of package names) containing jaxb-beans that are added to wadl elements by this WadlGenerator, additionally to the context path of the decorated WadlGenerator (set by setWadlGeneratorDelegate(WadlGenerator).
      If you do not use custom jaxb beans, then simply return _delegate.getRequiredJaxbContextPath(), otherwise return the delegate's #getRequiredJaxbContextPath() together with your required context path (separated by a colon):
      _delegate.getRequiredJaxbContextPath() == null
           ? ${yourContextPath}
           : _delegate.getRequiredJaxbContextPath() + ":" + ${yourContextPath};
      If you add the path for your custom jaxb beans, don't forget to add an ObjectFactory (annotated with XmlRegistry) to this package.
      simply the getRequiredJaxbContextPath() of the delegate or the getRequiredJaxbContextPath() + ":" + ${yourContextPath}.
    • createApplication

      Application createApplication()
    • createResources

      Resources createResources()
    • createResource

      Resource createResource(Resource r, String path)
    • createMethod

      Method createMethod(Resource r, ResourceMethod m)
    • createRequest

      Request createRequest(Resource r, ResourceMethod m)
    • createRequestRepresentation

      Representation createRequestRepresentation(Resource r, ResourceMethod m, MediaType mediaType)
    • createResponses

      List<Response> createResponses(Resource r, ResourceMethod m)
    • createParam

      Param createParam(Resource r, ResourceMethod m, Parameter p)
    • createExternalGrammar

      Perform any post create functions such as generating grammars.
      A map of extra files to the content of those file encoded in UTF-8
    • attachTypes

      void attachTypes(ApplicationDescription description)
      Process the elements in the WADL definition to attach schema types as required.
      description - The root description used to resolve these entries