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Chapter 30. Migration Guide

30.1. Migrating from Jersey 3.0.11 to 3.0.12

30.1.1. Changes in Jackson

Jersey 3.0.12 starts to support Jackson 2.15 which comes with default limitations for the length of parsed text, numbers, and nesting depth. Jersey keeps the Jackson default value, but it allows to override the maximum length of parsed text using the MessageProperties.JSON_MAX_STRING_LENGTH property if needed.

30.2. Migrating from Jersey 2.32+ to 3.0.x.

30.2.1. Breaking Changes

  • The most fundamental change in Jersey 3.0.14 and later is namespace change. Since Jakarta EE 9 the jakarta. namespace is introduced as a replacement for javax namespace from Java EE.

    Due to required jakartification several modules where omitted (because of not satisfied dependencies). Or require higher JDK (11+).

    Spring for now is not supported.

    Helidon connector for now is not supported.

    Examples and tests are reduced in quantity (so you probably will not find all those examples which were available in the 2.32 version).

30.2.2. Removed deprecated APIs

  • Jackson 1 support was removed.

30.2.3. Application servers for Jersey

Note that only a few servers support Jakarta EE 9 compatible Servlet API and they are tested with Jersey. Those are: GlassFish 6, Grizzly 3, Jetty 11 (JDK 11+ required), Payara 6, and Tomcat 10.

30.3. Migrating from Jersey 3.0.x to 3.0.14.

30.3.1. Breaking Changes