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JAX-WS Maven plugin – Maven 2 JAX-WS Maven plugin

JAX-WS Maven Plugin

This plugin contains Maven adapter for Jakarta XML Web Services' toolset. The original version of this was developed in the codehaus mojo project, in March 2007, the project was moved to jax-ws-commons, but as of December 2018, the project is moved to Eclipse Foundation and plugin's group id is changed to


Instructions on how to use the JAX-WS Maven Plugin can be found here.

Goals Overview

  • jaxws:wsimport: generates portable artifacts used in Jakarta XML Web Services compliant clients and services. The tool reads a WSDL and generates all the required artifacts for web service development, deployment, and invocation.
  • jaxws:wsimport-test: same as jaxws:wsimport but for tests.
  • jaxws:wsgen: reads a service endpoint implementation class and generates all of the portable artifacts for a Jakarta XML Web Service.
  • jaxws:wsgen-test: same as jaxws:wsgen but for tests.


Release Notes

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