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Eclipse Open Message Queue

Welcome to the home of Eclipse Open Message Queue (Eclipse OpenMQ™) on GitHub.

Eclipse Open MQ is a complete message-oriented middleware platform, offering high quality, enterprise-ready messaging. It is an implementation of the Jakarta Messaging specification (jormerly, Java Message Service), and the default Jakarta Messaging provider delivered with Eclipse GlassFish.

Eclipse Open MQ is open source, with a community of developers and users actively updating and using it. If you are interested in using Open MQ, you can review the license. If you are interested in contributing to Open MQ, please check the terms of use for contributors.

To find out more about using Eclipse Open MQ, read the Quick start guide. To obtain a copy of Eclipse Open MQ, visit the Downloads page.

If you are interested in other Eclipse EE4J projects, browse to the EE4J Working Group page. Additional details for Eclipse Open MQ can be found on its EE4J.OpenMQ page.

As part of the Jakarta EE certification, we provide our completed TCK results

Jakarta EE 9

  • Work in Progress

Jakarta EE 8

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