Release Notes - Jersey 2.11

Release date: 23-Jul-2014


Promoted Public Beta APIs

Several experimental Jersey APIs have matured enough and as such we have decided to promote them from Beta status, namely:

These APIs are now part of the official public Jersey 2.x API.

Not closing provided streams in message body providers

Jersey is now preventing message body providers (MBR, MBW) from closing given input/output stream. With this change Jersey is enforcing the JavaDoc statements present in message body providers.

Jackson 1

We have reintroduced support for JSON processing via Jackson 1.x JSON provider (1.9.11). In order to use Jackson 1 in your application you need to add jersey-media-json-jackson1 module (+ its dependencies) to your class-path and register Jackson1Feature in your application (server or client).


Client-side providers (such asClientRequestFilters) implementing the new org.glassfish.jersey.client.ClientLifecycleListener interface will be notified when various lifecycle events occur. Currently client runtime initialization triggers the onInit() method and client closing triggers onClose() method. Such providers implementing the ClientLifecycleListener can be registered in a common way, e.g. into a JerseyClient or JerseyWebTarget instance, or into a (potentially) auto discoverable feature context.

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