Release Notes - Jersey 2.16

Release date: 11-Feb-2015


JAX-B providers separated from the core

From version 2.16 onwards, all JAX-B providers are being bundled in a separate module.

Performance gain when using Sub-Resource Locators

We improved the performance for using sub-resource locators in an Jersey application. The performance gains are available for cases when the sub-resource locator method returns either a resource class (return value is e.g. Class<?> or Class<MySubResource>) or a (non-proxied) resource instance (when return value is an instance of MySubResource class).

More unified connector configuration options

Jetty connector and Apache connector have been previously using their own custom properties to set SSL context on a connector. These properties have been deprecated and the code has been updated to read the SSL context information from the JAX-RS client configuration. This means that all Jersey connectors now properly accept SSL configuration as configured via standard JAX-RS ClientBuilder methods.

Previously, all Jersey connectors have been using their own default chunk size when HTTP chunked coding was used. Since Jersey 2.16, there is a new default chunk size value used by all connectors, if a custom chunk size is not set. The new default value is stored under ClientProperties.DEFAULT_CHUNK_SIZE client property.




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